July 23, 2024

How Google and Facebook PPC Campaigns Can Help Your Business

If you are responsible for the marketing of a company, product, or service, you have to look into all possible options that can get your message to the right people. You want to engage your audience, make the interested in your offer, or convert them straight away, but that’s only possible when you use the right tools, channels, and techniques. Google and Facebook PPC campaigns are probably the best way for you to market your product/service.

Yes, they do have an upfront cost, but the probability of getting a return on your campaign is much higher with these giant ad networks. They know what works in the digital world and can help you greatly in reaching out to your audience in every part of the world. Let’s take a look at how Facebook and Google PPC campaigns can help your business.

Suitable to Your Marketing Goals

Running an ad campaign on either Facebook or Google isn’t done without proper planning. You don’t blindly create an ad campaign and start throwing out ads in front of people. In fact, the best thing about these two platforms is that they allow you to pick a form of campaign that suits your business needs. For example, if you are at an early stage of marketing and are looking to spread awareness rather than convert your target audience, you can go with CPM model from Google. Similarly, you have CPA bidding that suits businesses that are looking to optimize conversion rates.

You have the same or similar choices to make when you run a Facebook PPC campaign. You can set the goals of your campaigns and then Facebook gives you the options accordingly. It will offer you different metrics to set your campaign when you want to boost conversion or just consideration.

Biggest Outreach

Of course, you can’t go wrong with these two companies and their ad and PPC programs because they are the biggest. When it comes to the number of users, there is no company that comes even close to Facebook. It has the largest base of users in the world. Here’s an interesting question: which platform do you think beats Facebook? Well, none other than Google. The search users of Google are even higher than the total Facebook users. So, when you use their PPC platforms and programs, you can reach out to not hundreds or thousands, but millions and billions of users around the world.

There are many other advertising networks that can be quite effective for your digital marketing campaigns, but none comes close to these. According to experts, a small business could run a successful Google Ads campaign with a budget of $9000 to $15000. With an average cost of $0.94 for every click, you can say that Facebook ads are among the most affordable of all ad platforms out there. Of course, you can pay an even smaller amount when you go for the CPM option.

Show All Types of Ads Everywhere

One of the things that businesses love about these two platforms is that they give you the option to run just about any type of ad you want. It could be a picture or a video or just a link. More importantly, you can have this ad appear in hundreds of different places. It could be the side of the Facebook timeline, an ad inside a mobile gaming app, or an appearing in a YouTube video. The best thing is that when using Facebook ads, you can also control your ads placement on Instagram. So, you can see that the value you get from these networks is huge compared to what you would get from platforms.

Final Thoughts

It is great that you promote your business through social media posts and organic search results. However, you can’t deny the importance of running a paid PPC campaign on two of the biggest ad networks in the digital world. Once things start working for you, the cost of your ad campaign becomes a non-issue.

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